Caitlin Turner

Caitlin in her wedding dress putting her arm around her sister, who is in a bridesmaid dress, both are holding flowers and smiling at the camera

My interest for disability issues was sparked very early in my life when my sister, Morgan, acquired a brain injury. Since her injury, I’ve watched her constantly defy what people said she could do - snorkeling, skiing, surfing, traveling to Europe, karate, archery, the list goes on.

Watching her do these things seemed contradictory to how the world treated her. The looks of pity, the stares, and the gasps of inspiration didn’t sit right with me, but I never knew how to put it into words.

In college I hesitantly walked into my first disability studies class not knowing what to expect, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I finally had the words to say how I wanted the world to see my sister! As a result, learning about disability rights and justice has become my passion.

Once I finished school and became a physical therapist, I knew I wanted to share all of this wonderful knowledge, but I wasn’t quite sure how. Eventually I discovered I was meant to serve parents of kids with disabilities, showing them how to live a great life with their disabled child, and Disabled and Successful was born!

I currently live in the Seattle area with my husband, Will, and our mini Aussie, Kora.

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