Whole, Worthy, and Valuable

A Guide for Parents Raising Disabled Children


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Whole, Worthy, and Valuable: A Guide for Parents Raising Disabled Children by Caitlin Turner, disability rights consultant Matthew Wangeman, Editor Sebastian Green. This book cover features a photo of a young girl with glasses looking up at cherry blossoms while holding her stuffed lamb.


1. "I'm sorry you're disabled..." by Rebekah Taussig

2. "My Child's Disability is Not a Tragedy" by Ellen Stumbo

3. "Pillow Angel" Website, created by Ashley's parents

4. "Statement on 'Growth Attenuation' Experimentation" by Not Dead Yet

5. "My Disability isn't a Tragedy" by Annika Ariel

6. Float on Disney+

7. A New Way to Define Self-Worth by Liz Powers

8. "Deaths of Disabled Children are No Less Tragic" by Courtney Johnson

9. Garden Variety by Reid Davenport

10. I'm Not Your Inspiration Thank You Very Much by Stella Young

11. The Opportunity of Adversity by Aimee Mullins

12. "All disabled people are worthy..." by Alex Dacy

13. The Center for Disability Rights Disability Writing and Journalism Guidelines

14. "'Disabled': Just #SayTheWord" featuring Lawrence-Carter Long

15. "Does anyone else think using the term 'special needs'..." by Alex Dacy

16. "Think saying 'a disabled child' and 'a child with a disability' are the same thing? They're not." by Caitlin Turner

17. Deep Sea Diving in a Wheelchair by Sue Austin

18. Why My Disability Doesn't Stop Me from Living featuring Lauren "Lolo" Spencer

19. "Explaining 'crip pride' to the crips who just don't get it" by Maria R. Palacios

20. "What Mat Fraser's Cripfest Taught Me About 'Crip Pride'" by Kim Kelly

21. "Crip the Vote Hashtag Brings Attention to People with Disabilities" by Sarah Kim

22. Crip Magazine

23. Crip Camp on Netflix

24. "#Ableism" by Leah Smith

25. Confronting Ableism by Brendan Campbell

26. Purposeful Steps Away from Ableism by Alyson Seale

27. Social Model of Disability by the NDACA

28. "The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health" (ICF) created by the World Health Organization

29. "Models of Disability: Types and Definitions" on Disabled World

30. Living with a Disability and Dreaming featuring James Meadours

31. My Experiences with Disability featuring Devon Adelman

32. How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself by Rosie King

33. “Are People with Disabilities Contributing Members of Society...” by Meriah Nichols

34. "Eugenics: The Scientific Scandal That Helped Hitler Murder 300,000 Disabled People" featuring Adam Pearson

35. "The Nazis' First Victims Were Disabled" by Kenny Fries

36. "What it Means to Grieve and Dream: And Other Thoughts from a Working Woman in a Wheelchair" by Claire Bergstresser

37. "Reform of Institutions and Closing of Institutions" by Disability Justice

38. Our Fight for Disability Rights and Why We're Not Done Yet by Judith Heumann

39. "Short History of the 504 Sit-in" by Kitty Cone


41. The Arc

42. National Disability Rights Network

43. American Association of People with Disabilities

44. Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

45. "Does Your Child Have This Role Model in Their Life?" by Caitlin Turner

46. "Parenting without Pity" by Rooted in Rights

47. Asking for Help Is a Strength, Not a Weakness by Michele L Sullivan

48. "Why Black Disability History Matters" by Vilissa Thompson

49. "Disability Advocacy Must Include the Black Perspective" by Brianna Albers

50. I Got 99 Problems...Palsy is Just One by Maysoon Zayid

51. "When 'Special Needs,' Disability and Parenting Stories Collide" by Meriah Nichols

52. "Parents Blogging About Their Children with Disabilities: It Is a Fine Line Between Awareness Raising and Shaming" by Carly Findlay

53. "How to be an ally to people with disabilities" by Meriah Nichols

54. "Behavior Plan for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children" by the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library

55. Guide to Allyship