Whole, Worthy, and Valuable: A Guide for Parents Raising Disabled Children by Caitlin Turner, disability rights consultant Matthew Wangeman, Editor Sebastian Green. This book cover features a photo of a young girl with glasses looking up at cherry blossoms while holding her stuffed lamb.

The world tells you that your child isn’t as valuable as their peers, they’re broken and need to be cured, or they’re destined to live a life of hardship and difficulty. Navigating the world as a parent of a disabled child can be confusing. When your child was diagnosed, no one gave you a handbook on disability. No one told you that disability could be more than just a medical diagnosis. No one told you that people could have pride in their disability, that there is a thriving disability culture, or that there's a strong disabled political movement.

Figuring this out on your own can take years, so I’ve condensed this knowledge into an accessible and easily-digestible 60 page e-book where you can learn about the world of disability quickly. Your child is whole, worthy, and valuable and they can live a great life with their disability. You truly can enjoy life with your child and also help them live their best life.

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to disabled and successful individuals about their views on disability. Aside from my own opinion expressed in this e-book, I also provide over 50 links to videos, blog posts, podcasts, and articles, including 3 pieces of original content created just for this e-book, so you can learn from the true experts on living with a disability: people with disabilities themselves. I don't know of any other books for parents that have an emphasis on learning from people who are disabled and successful.


This content is not just a project or job for me, it’s also personal. I have a sister with a developmental disability, and the way the world talked about her never sat right with me, but I didn’t know how to express that. My first course in disability studies truly changed my life and the way I view disability forever. I want you to experience the same "aha" moments, the same profound mental shifts, and the same internal peace that I experienced when I learned that every person with a disability is whole, worthy, and valuable.

The e-book can be read on any phone, computer, or tablet with the free kindle app. For iPhone or iPad users, the e-book is not available on the Amazon app, but you can purchase it on the Amazon website through your browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome).