Boy with down syndrome sitting in the grass with the sun shining on his face

Giving you the freedom
to be the parent you want to be

As a parent of a disabled child, you're often spread too thin.

You need someone to guide you, answer all of your questions,

and even do the work for you.

Hi, I'm Caitlin Turner

I've seen so many parents overwhelmed by all the tasks of a "special needs parent"; the physical and emotional work of caregiving, finding the right resources, managing behaviors, figuring out how school and DDA and medicaid work, and worrying about their child's future. 

I'm here to help you navigate the world of disability and to take some work off your plate so you can spend less time managing your child's life, and more time simply enjoying life with them.

Here's how I can help


Resource Concierge

Need to apply for DDA, hire a caregiver, find a therapist, or research summer programs? I can do it for you, and much more.


Your child is whole, worthy, and valuable. Learn about the world of disability and how to help your child navigate it in my 60-page e-book.

Free Guide

Want to live your best life with your disabled child? Learn the 5 myths that are holding you back.