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Help your child
live their
best life

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  • A happy, healthy, and successful life 

  • Meaningful friendships and great relationships 

  • A sense of independence and purpose

  • The life they truly want

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While you’re doing everything you can to support your child, there isn’t exactly a handbook on how to raise a child with a disability or how to help them live a successful life! And what much of the world tells you to focus on isn’t necessarily what will actually help them live that happy and successful life! The future can seem so unknown, especially when there may not be a set path for your child.


As a disability consultant

I support you by:

streamlining the process of planning for the future

clarifying and implementing what truly matters to your child

simplifying your life so you spend less time worrying about the future and more time enjoying life with your child

As a sibling and physical therapist I understand what you're going through, and as a friend and lifelong learner I know how people with disabilities become successful.

I can help you with:


  • Learning and implementing the factors that lead to success

  • Determining what is important to your child, especially if they have very limited communication skills

  • Access to resources such as caregiving, tutoring, nursing, therapies, and more

  • Navigating the school system and advocating with your child

  • Transitions to adulthood including guardianship, work, volunteer, housing, finances, and more

  • Ensuring your child is taken care of if you are ever unable to care for them

  • Reducing your workload as a parent so you’re not spread so thin

  • And any other topics that may be of concern to you!

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The Details

We will begin with a free 30 minute consultation so I can really get to know you and understand the specific challenges you face as well as address any questions or concerns. Then we will typically meet for a one-hour session once a month, but that schedule can be adjusted as needed for you and your schedule. Between sessions you will implement the changes we’ve discussed, but don’t worry, you will quickly find that focusing on what truly matters will actually reduce your overall workload!


After 4-6 months, you will have all the tools, resources, and systems set up to support you and your child, but I will always be available for intermittent sessions especially as your child reaches various milestones or as new challenges arise.


After the first 30-minute consultation, sessions are $300. Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will take place over Zoom.


I can’t wait to meet you! Feel free to schedule your 30-minute consultation below.

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