Let me take some work
off your plate

Mother and Son

It is possible to simply enjoy life with your child,

instead of being overwhelmed by managing your child's life.

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Things are different when you're raising a child with a disability. You can't just sign them up for soccer. You have to find a place that's willing to take them, you have to make sure it's accessible, and you have to be there with them the whole time.


And soccer lessons, if you even have time for them, are the least of your worries. You also have to deal with school, therapies, doctor's appointments, behaviors, expensive equipment, and the list goes on. 

People tell you to just hire a caregiver! If only it was that easy. They don't understand just how much work it is to find someone who can handle your child's medical needs, behaviors, and schedule. Nor do they understand the time and energy to train them and actually trust them with your child.

The good news is,

You can hand over a lot of this work to me.

I don't just find resources for you. I connect you with the right resources for you and your family that will make the biggest differences in your lives.

I can help you by:


  • Finding a caregiver or therapist for your child

  • Finding and applying for funding sources for caregiving, home modifications, accessible vehicles, and more

  • Applying to the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)

  • Finding and applying for summer programs or after school activities

  • Connecting you with advocacy resources for your child, especially in concerns to their rights at school or in the workforce

  • Leading you through the process of transitioning out of high school, including guardianship, day treatment programs, work programs, etc.

  • Problem solving any issues that arise concerning your child that you don't know how to solve yourself, and connecting you with resources that can help


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I use this time to really get to know you and understand the specific challenges you face as well as address any questions or concerns you may have.

How it works

Receive a breakdown of

services and prices

I can take on as much or as little work as you like. I also work on a sliding scale so my services can be as accessible to you as possible.

Pay at the end

For any assistance services provided (research, finding resources, etc.) you pay once you've received the resources you need. Any further consultation services will be paid at the time of the service.