A kid-friendly activist

On this blog I introduce you to a lot of disability activists and influencers. However, a lot of them have content geared towards adults, not kids. While it’s great to learn for yourself, I bet you also want your child to have access to great activists and influencers who are more kid-friendly.

Today I want to introduce you to Emily Prior, a 14-year-old disabled model, actor, and activist from Perth, Australia. She is working towards the modeling industry including more disabled models, and she takes you along her journey on her Instagram page. Along with her modeling, her Instagram provides a lot more insight into her life as a 14-year-old girl, including track and field competitions, voice acting for an animated preschool show, beach days, physiotherapy appointments (as they’re called Australia), along with some inspiring and motivational quotes.

I hope your child can see something of themselves in Emily. By seeing her shoot for her goals, they can believe their goals are possible too. They can be a model or an actor or an athlete. Though traditionally non-disabled roles, these roles are opening more and more to disabled people. The more representation we have in the world, the more open the world will be for all people with disabilities.

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