A sneak preview!

You may worry about your child enduring all the hardships that come with having a disability in this world. But they are whole, worthy, and valuable, and they can live a wonderful life with their disability. This is the main premise of my e-book that is going to be released in two weeks! I’m so excited to finally share it with you and help you lead a great life with your child.

One of my goals with this e-book was to bring you the perspective of disabled and successful adults so I asked some of my friends and acquaintances to create some original content. Today you get a sneak preview of some of that content!

A screenshot of the video with Devon and her mom's faces smiling at the screen

I met Devon Adelman and her parents at the Buddy Walk last year. They run an amazing business called Raise Expectations. I asked Devon to tell me about how she views her disability and she and her mom made a video interview style. Enjoy!

This is just a quick preview of what will be available in the e-book. There will be so much more content and so many people you can learn from in this e-book.

And remember, you truly can live a great life with your disabled child.

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