Let me take you on my journey over the past 2 months

Have you ever experienced a breakthrough? You know, when you have this problem that you just. can’t. seem. to. solve. And it's driving you CRAZY. And then suddenly, out of the blue you come across exactly what you needed and… Aha! You solved it! Well, over the past 8 weeks in B-School (the business and marketing course I took), I’ve been having these aha moments almost daily.

One of my biggest decisions when I started B-School was my audience. I was really torn between serving people with disabilities directly, or serving the parents of kids with disabilities. As I started B-School, I was encouraged to pick just one.

So I did what we all do when we make big decisions. I made a pros and cons list and compared the two. For example, one of the biggest pros to serving parents is that so much they say and do affects how their child is as an adult, so serving parents would let me make a big impact on those kid’s futures. However, one of the cons is that I’m not a parent myself, no less a parent of a disabled kiddo. So I fear that parents won’t take me seriously.

So I looked at each of the columns, and despite the fact that the cons for parents scared me, the pros for parents looked exactly like the change I really want to see in the world. And that change is to see so many more kids with disabilities grow up to be successful, self-determined, and happy adults.

As soon as I came to the realization that I should serve parents, I broke down. I just sat there and cried. I was so scared of all the cons on the list. But if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few months, it’s that what scares you most is actually leading you in the right direction.

So as a result of this breakthrough and many others over the past two months, I’ve made some changes to Disabled and Successful:

  1. I am going to serve parents of kids with disabilities.

  2. I’m creating an online course using the stories and perspectives of successful people with disabilities so parents can give their kids the best chance at a successful, self-determined, and happy future.

  3. I’m creating a free PDF on the top myths society tells you about raising a kid with a disability. I’ll have this available on the website in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

  4. I’ll be sending email updates every other Thursday. So expect to hear from me! I will not be disappearing again soon (except for when I get married and go on my honeymoon in July)!

Now you know what to expect from me and Disabled and Successful going forward! Please open up those emails every other Thursday so we can work together to help kids with disabilities grow up to be successful, self-determined, and happy adults! I’m so grateful that you’ve followed me on this journey so far, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along in the future. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me!

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